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      Leading Quality Improvement Industry Standards

      Number of clicks:37142019-02-25 10:19:54

      Lead quality improvement, industry standards first. On July 20, 2018, organized by China Association for Standardization of Engineering Construction, Zhengda Pipeline Co., Ltd. was jointly initiated by Shenzhen International Design Consultant (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. as the editor-in-chief. The establishment and the first working meeting of the Standardization Formulation of Technical Regulations for Channel Connection Pipeline, which was jointly participated by various enterprises in the industry, were successfully held in Handan. The meeting aims to invite the leaders of the association and experts from famous design institutes to lead the joint enterprises to improve, revise, optimize and upgrade the 2003 edition of Technical Regulations for Channel Connection Pipeline Engineering.

      First of all, the chairman, Dai Chunsheng, Secretary-General of Pipeline Structure Professional Committee of China Construction Standardization Association, introduced the leaders, experts and enterprise representatives. And focuses on the implementation of the GB since the implementation of the state, in order to meet the needs of the same area, requires the industry associations to strengthen the compilation, revision and upgrading of the group standards, so as to promote the industry to develop more healthily and healthily.

      Jiang Wenyuan, Design Director of International Design Consultant (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., has introduced the compilation outline of the Code from seven aspects: revision of standards, scope of application, basis of compilation, centralized management units (participating units), working process, compilation content and main technical contents of revision of the Code, in order to seek your opinions and suggestions.

      President Zhang Hongshun of Zhengda Pipeline made a speech. President Zhang Hongshun said that as the editor-in-chief, revising, perfecting and upgrading the Technical Regulations for Channel Connection Pipeline Engineering is a major event in the construction design of pipeline engineering and the development of steel pipes. Upgrading the original association standard to the group standard is the requirement of practicing the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party and the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in the two sessions of this year.

      Quality improvement, standards first. In order to enhance the new momentum and achieve new achievements in the new era, manufacturing industry must first have high standards to meet the requirements of the times. The great idea along the way brings many opportunities for China's manufacturing industry to develop. Our products need to go out and need our standards to go out.

      President Zhang Hongshun said that the company will take the opportunity to optimize, improve and upgrade industry standards, accurately grasp industry trends and development opportunities, actively play the main role, stimulate innovation and creativity, and strive to improve product quality and achieve sustainable development.

      At the meeting, leaders of the association, experts of the design institute, editors-in-chief and representatives of the participating enterprises had a heated discussion on the outline for the preparation of the Regulations and the preliminary draft of the Regulations. Everyone expressed their opinions freely and expressed their own opinions and put forward pertinent suggestions one after another.

      Dai Chunsheng, Secretary-General of the Pipeline Structure Professional Committee of China Association for Standardization of Construction, made a summary of the meeting, and asked the meeting to form a revised outline for the discussion of the preliminary draft of the regulations and to make a good summary of the meeting; and requested the design institute and the participating enterprises to determine the participating units and personnel, and to attend the seminar on time, not just by name, but also by meeting according to your opinions. It is suggested that the construction party should be considered to participate in the revision of the regulations.

      At the end of the meeting, Jiang Haidong, Vice President of Zhengda System, made a speech. Jiang Haidong, Vice President, said that the discussion was intense, pertinent and fruitful. This "Technical Regulations for Channel Connection Pipeline Engineering" has been upgraded from industry standard to group standard, which will make a great improvement for steel pipe manufacturing enterprises, standard design units, engineering construction units, groove parts manufacturing enterprises, etc. Steel tube manufacturing industry is related to millions of households and the national economy and people's livelihood. As the main body of the implementation of national standards, Zhengda system and leading enterprises in the industry actively promote the optimization and upgrading of national standards. At the same time, they take the lead in promoting the landing and implementation of national standards, which has made positive contributions to leading the standardized development of the industry, maintaining the order of industry development, promoting the transformation and optimization of the industry structure, and creating a good market environment.

      Jiang Haidong, Vice President, said that the industry has broad prospects for development and shoulders a long way to go. As the director of the General Steel Tube Technical Committee of China Steel Frame Cold Bending Branch, we are duty-bound to shoulder the glorious responsibility and historical mission of leading the healthy development of the industry.

      Representatives of editors from Tianjin Youfa, Tianjin Rio Tinto, Tangshan Jinghua, Jinan Meide (Jinan Maike), Hebei Tianchuang, Hengshui Jinghua and Qian'an Zhengda attended the meeting.
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