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      ZDP Attended the 2017 TUBE ARABIA/ WIRE&CABLE ARABIA

      Number of clicks:49042018-09-30 09:43:10

      In December 2017, the “2017 TUBE ARABIA/ WIRE&CABLE ARABIA” was held in Dubai,ZDP was invited to participate the exhibition.

      During the exhibition, ZDP displayed the main products of TianHong and JiLi brands. They are Galvanized Steel Pipe, Galvanized SHS and RHS, Spiral Steel Pipe, which were favored by the Middle East customers. The purchasers are mainly from UAE, radiating other Middle East countries, such as Iran, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The purchase products are welded steel pipe, square and rectangular steel pipe, oil and gas pipelines.

      Dubai is the trade hub of Eurasia and also the gateway of the Middle East. With its strategic location, major projects and infrastructure expansion, Dubai has a huge market demand for pipes and welding equipment. During the exhibition, ZDP colleagues established friendly relations with the local counterparts and freight forwarders, they also visited local customers and conducted market research in the Jelbel Ali industrial zone.

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