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    In the wave of vigorous development of "night economy and night culture" by Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee and municipal government, Hongshunqu Art Society, standing on the fertile land of Nanxiao Street, has become a magnificent flower. In the brilliant night, the vermilion gates are dazzling; the stage is swaying in the style of the ancient theatre; the statues of palace lanterns, wooden grilles, overpass artists and famous opera artists are ancient; the artists in coats; the traditional opera performances. All these are glamorous artistic charm and become the most dazzling pearl on the capital of Zhongshan Road.

    Hongshunqu Art Society belongs to Handan Zhengda Management Co., Ltd. It is a key cultural support unit in Hebei Province and a designated tourist reception unit in Shijiazhuang. On December 17, 2010, Hongshunqu Art Club, with an investment of 5 million yuan, opened its full dress. Since then, Hongshunqu Art Club has made appointments with the audience at 8:00 p.m. punctually. Every day, it is full of friends. The main repertoire of performances is to display Hebei's special literature and art, including comic sketches, drum reviews, Allegro-Speedboard, acrobatic magic, stunt, folk art, opera singing, and Hebei's intangible cultural heritage. It is a collection of star intermediaries, actors'output, evening party planning, special performance, leisure tea, business talks, etc. It is a comprehensive cultural and artistic place with the functions of enterprise friendship, friends gathering, customer thanks and unit celebration.

    Hongshunqu Art Society, with the aim of creating Hongshun Old Store for a hundred years, adheres to the concept of "service to enhance value, development to win respect". It has created an excellent cross-talk troop of "inheriting the fine virtues of the older generation of artists and becoming a new era of Qu artists". It has established its own responsibility of "promoting National Art and spreading national drinking culture". Zhi creates industry quality and creates cultural brand.

    All staff of the Hong Shun folk art club will serve you wholeheartedly. Welcome!

    Telephone; 0311-87871555
    Website: http://www.hsqys.com
    Address: No. 62 Zhongshan West Road, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei.

    No.9, Juliang Ave, Cheng'an Industrial Zone, Handan, Hebei
    Qian'an Zhengda: North of Shuangma Road, Zhaodianzi Town, Qian'an, Tangshan, Hebei Province
    Shanxi Zhengda: Houbei Industrial Park, Houma City, Shanxi Province


    ADD:No. 9 Juliang Avenue, Chengan Industrial Zone, Handan City, Hebei Province
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